ReFeed Canada

Branding | Web ReFeed Canada View All Projects ReFeed is an initiative to improve the food industry across Canada. ReFeed aims to create a sustainable agricultural system that aligns the food industry, non profits, the community, government and farmers to make tangible contributions to ending hunger and reducing carbon emissions. We worked with ReFeed on […]


Branding Picnic View All Projects Picnic is a full-service marketing agency specializing in the areas of strategy development, market funnel campaigns and content creation. Formerly known as Snap Social Media Strategies, the company was looking to rebrand under a new name and identity, which represented their creativity, expertise and collaborative nature. With this in mind, […]

Thuja Wellness

Branding Thuja Wellness View All Projects Thuja Wellness is an integrated health clinic based in Vancouver, BC. offering comprehensive treatment plans for patients through a strategic collaboration between experienced practitioners. As an elevated medi-spa, the company required an elegant and luxurious brand identity to represent the quality of its treatment plans and a relaxing healing […]

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