Rotary Hoop-a-Thon


Strathcona ROTARY Hoop-a-Thon





Brand strategy
Collateral design

The Strathcona ROTARY Hoop-A-Thon is an annual basketball fundraising event that helps hundreds of kids in East Vancouver. Every year, basketball players aged 10 to 18 are joined by Rotarians, alumni and VIPs who have collected pledges to shoot free throws - earning money for the program.

We developed a brand identity to use for promoting the event in the community. The logo design features the historic Rotary wheel combined with the shape of a symmetrical basketball, combining the two key elements of the event in a manner that appeals to young and adult participants and demonstrates pride in the organization and cause.

Our work has also included the consultation and design of marketing collateral for the company’s outreach to schools in the community.

Shooting to make a difference for kids on and off the court

Design Inquiry