How to Hire for Design

Designers can help bring your vision to life so it’s no question why people are willing to reach deep into their pockets to see this being executed. First impressions matter and your company’s visual identity enhances how you attract prospective clients. A good design creates brand recognition so people are able to quickly recall what […]

How to Recharge Your Business During a Slow Period

It’s no question that these are challenging times for all streams of businesses. Even in the digital sphere, social media advertising engagement rates have dropped globally resulting in brands cutting their marketing budgets. It’s normal for businesses to ebb and flow, so during the slow periods, it’s important to start planning ahead so when your […]

When Should I Think About Branding?

Most good businesses start with a business plan. In this document, they outline the vision and goals, services, financial projections and startup costs. And yes, businesses starting up can have a lot of startup costs, including everything from registering a domain and getting a business license, to leasing space, purchasing equipment and payroll. In the […]

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